Redemption The Series releases new single! “KILLING GREY”

Sung by the talented Micah Cottingham AND composed by the epic mastermind craftsmen Greg Conrad, comes a new single to be added to the ever growing Rediverse. “Killing Grey.” This one highlights the inner struggles with female protagonist “Malise Astrid” who will star in her own novel “Valley of the Grey” and will also be featured in the animated series. Get a taste of the seedy side of San Michelle, all the pain it causes, and the desperate but relate-able cry for help.

And don’t forget to check out all the other sweet music from Redemption The Series too! You’ll be glad you did!

Your friendly neighborhood,

Passive Lion


New PL Tutorial on Installing Victor’s Animated Battles!

Pretty sweet huh? The beloved English side-view battle system now has a video tutorial! So what does this mean? What do we do with this new found discovery?

We click on it of course! Don’t forget to RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! Happy developing.

Your friendly neighborhood,

Passive Lion
Dream. Develop. Deliver.

Passive Lion wants YOU! Now recruiting for M.E.T.A: Alpha Imperative!


Attention! At ease.

There is a disturbing force rising in Leeson Island that is threatening the mainland and the city of San Michelle. As the best and the brightest of our military, you are tasked with defending and protecting the city. To do this, you must stop the turmoil at its source. Get to Leeson Island, find the head of the snake, and chop it off. Any questions? Dismissed.

Now as for the rest of you recruits…

Which one of you has the guts to become this units sprite designer and battleback designer? Who has the courage, determination and skill to perform these tasks admirably. Anyone? I’ll be awaiting your replies, soldiers.

(To View the official statement made by Passive Lion on Recruiting for M.E.T.A: Alpha Imperative, click on this link: )


Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Review the terms there and if you’re interested, please contact me through my e-mail. (or you can use this site’s neat contact feature)

Your friendly neighborhood,

Passive Lion

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